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Portal Issues

As of today July 1, we have had a few issues with the portal as a result of our technician having some personal things going on right now. I am sorry for the delay. If there seems to be a problem with the portal ever again after this, you can be assured that it will always be up and running at least within that week. He’s usually pretty quick to get it up in a day or two. But if he is having difficulties for any reason, you can be sure that he gets it back up and running for us. We do apologize for any inconvenience if you can’t access your readings during that time though. We don’t keep copies except through the portal, but if you’ve ordered a new reading and the portal isn’t working at the time, then you can most certainly request it to be sent through dropbox, google drive, or email. If the file is too big though, then an email probably wouldn’t be sufficient. I’ll have to go with the dropbox or Google Drive options in those cases. Once the portal gets back up and running, I will probably end up adding a copy of it there anyhow. It’ll be just for my own records, and yours in the future.

I humbly ask that you don’t wait over a period of a month or two to ask about your reading. If you haven’t received your reading within a month or two with the exception of records readings (records take from 2 months to a year to complete) then there’s a possibility I may have tried to upload your service in the portal but it didn’t register. Please inquire back after a few weeks of time after your order, just to be sure that it hasn’t been completed and simply failed in the upload.

Exploring Angels- (Alura’s Angels)

For this particular website, I have it under construction as of right now. No worries! If you can’t access it, it wasn’t removed due to censorship issues. I’m simply trying to get the content under membership only protection so as to preserve the sanctity of the heavenly wisdom, as well as my own copy rights rights. Many of you know throughout the years, that many people have come to my website and stolen from my predictions and teachings both. It’s been hard to stop this from happening. I’ve tried everything. I’ve even gotten a copyright and contents protection app that signals whenever my contact is being used around the world wide web. I get these notifications all of the time. However, people are crafty these days and while I recognize my own teachings anywhere since a lot of it has never been taught before, people have a funny way of rewording it so that it seems a little different. While really it’s just all the same.

However, taking a few excerpts and including it into one’s own blog wasn’t nearly as bad as what I came to experience one year. Many of you know about the incident where there had been another woman stealing from my blog and actually got herself a spot on the news briefly. It was devastating! The fact that a very close personal contact of mine actually had been hanging out with the woman’s daughter, raised a lot of red flags.

But upon asking my contact about it, it was explained that it was all done with good intention. You see, she was a great supporter of mine and had taken it upon herself to spread the news about me. It just so happened that one of the people that she was sharing my work with, happen to have a mother that was also a self-proclaimed psychic. The daughter went home, showed her mother my predictions on the website, and the mother built herself up to look legitimate. That was as a result of copying from my work. Fortunately for her (and unfortunately for me) the woman had some connections in journalism that got her on the news and gained some publicity for predictions that were not even her own. I have never come to be offered any type of publicity for any of my work. And that’s because I feel that those in high places see me as being too much of a threat to put me out there to speak because they don’t know what I’m going to say. I have a history of speaking too much of the truth. Therefore, they allow these individuals that they know are deceptive to begin with, to get the spotlight. And that’s because they know that deceptive individuals can be manipulated at a price. Still, it’s really important that I protect my prophecies now. I noticed more and more spiritual teachers out there that have started proclaiming that they have a gift of prophecy all of a sudden, after I came out with the Herald. I suppose a lot of their followers started questioning their claims of being a psychic or having ESP, when they saw that I was the only one really predicting anything out there. My “Angels” website is one of a kind, with information that’s so different from any other angelic website out there, that people are always looking for fresh, new, and creative ideas.

The membership will ensure that my information is protected. Plus, we know that the truth isn’t always for everyone. There’s a lot of other people out there that are still stuck in a religious viewpoint and have a tendency to judge my work from a hateful place as well.

Nevertheless, as soon as I get everything fixed, the site will go back up and memberships can be made. We will have two platforms for them. One of them will be a basic monthly platform that offers just a simple access to the prophecies. The second is a monthly platinum access package that offers a few different things.

1. Access to the new prophecies-

The new angelic prophecies will not be included in the area or section of the site where the former ones are located. The former ones still have predictions for the future though so it is just as important to have access to those if a person cannot obtain access to the monthly platinum package.

2. Angelic archives-

This will be a new area of the website where platinum membership holders will be able to gain insight into never before revealed information about angels in heaven. I will also include a lot of brand new individual messages there and it will be the “go to“ place for looking into any other form of angelic or magical knowledge. I’ll even try to do correspondences overtime.

3. Virtues-

everybody knows how important the virtues are to me. Being the a pitta me of divinity, I abide by the virtues religiously. When I say religiously I don’t mean through a charger or anything, just that I follow them so much that they are the a pitta me of my path in this lifetime. Here I will share stories that contain examples of where the virtues were called for how much to be used. This will help a lot of people to understand the virtues themselves in a lot of different instances. However, while this helps people to understand some of the virtues, learning about it through other resources that I have will probably be an even better place to go from there. I offer Angelic training, and life coaching which focuses upon many things surrounding the virtues for people in a personalized and individual way. Speaking of that, read down below for more information about services that I will and will not offer in the future.

4. Starseed gallery-

A lot of different teaching platforms and spiritualists out there have also taken information from my soul types. It being that they were talking about starseeds for a while but a lot of the information did not come out extended leave until I put it out there, I have to protect these teachings as well. I know there’s a lot of places even Gaia, using them. I really don’t want people using my information to twist it and deceive others. Therefore, I will have this section included in the restricted contact for the memberships holding platinum access only.

Last but not least, I may be merging the life virtues blog soon enough. I know that I mentioned this earlier on but I’m still kind of figuring things out. Well my computer tech guy has built and runs the portal, I’m not very good at computer coding in order to make these things easily come about. Please be patient with me. Things will get up and running pretty soon. Speaking of that, let’s get back to the subject then.


In regards to those that purchased memberships on the Angels website already, I will refund your fee. I will close out that particular subscription platform, and then I will have the new one opened. It will most definitely work this time and so if you’re interested in still getting access to the content on the site, then you’ll definitely want to go to the register page. It will not be included in my VIP membership here on the services website. The reason is, is that my advisor through business management has indicated to me that there are two separate platforms. The membership is something entirely different here as it is there. I hope you all understand. Thank you for being patient with me while these changes are underway.

Services to Expire, Finish, & Launch


The Indignation course is going to continue and finalized in the next couple of weeks. I’m really happy about that because we had it postponed due to a few losses that we encountered every last couple of years. It has been a tremendous weight on my heart that I lost my grandfather, father, and uncle all within a years time. Then afterwards we lost a beloved friend who went by the name of Scott. It wasn’t the same knowing that I wouldn’t have them listening to the course anymore. And so even recording at moments it felt a little bit like morning. I didn’t want that type of energy to come out in those lesson audios and so, I waited until I felt a little better inside. additionally, there are a lot of students who just weren’t in a good place throughout the year 2020. This was a very difficult year for everyone in the world and even though I thought preparing my students with the prophecies beforehand would have helped them, many of them still felt the effects. Who can blame them? The world is an utter turmoil. Still, the courses will continue and then there is a new one being launched for the year 2022. No worries, it will already be premade and up and running so that nobody will have to wait on me anymore. I’m very sorry that I took on a lot of different projects and couldn’t keep up with them at times. It wasn’t even just my schedule though. It also had a lot to do with a lot of the happenings going on in the world, people around me, and even in the lives of my students. There is a time and place for everything. But now it’s time for us to get back up and running.

The Bible course will start a little bit toward. I will put up a notification here and on my Facebook page both, so that everyone will know when it’s launching. I’ve already had a couple of students who have already pre-enrolled and so it’s good to know that there are a few out there that are eager to learn.

Life Coaching

coaching will be conducted differently as he indicated in one of my former posts here. However, I won’t be offering as many programs as I used to. For now on there will only be the tree of life program, and extended in-depth path coaching program, and a program that covers a mixture of things in general life, for general coaching. These are pretty wonderful platforms and it’s going through like a mini program for a person to do it at their own pace, and at their own time, which will already be ready for them when they enroll. Students who are enrolling for any life coaching program from here on out will be directed as to where to go when their coaching is set to start. If you are in a life coaching package already or purchased one and still have yet to start, you will still be able to receive that life coaching.


As many of you know, the records readings take forever to do and I have already announced many times that I will not be offering them at will, on the site. I will now have an area on my website in which people who are interested will have to register. It’s only then that I’ll be able to determine how many lifetimes a person has and which they are pricing for the package will be different. That’s right, everybody’s price will differ according to how many lifetimes they have, rather than one overall price like I used to charge in the past. I will only be doing 1 to 2 Akashic records readings a year. Those spots are the only ones that I have available for these types of very lengthy Readings. With the amount of detail and time that goes into these readings, it sure is really a shame that people could not be patient enough to wait for them. I truly value that many people put their hard earned money into such an investment such as this, but this is not as easy as many people think. I’m not just making the answers of off the top of my head and handing it out, it takes actual Channeling to do. According to that, the sessions are broken up and spread out. After taking notes, I then have to put everything in order, add more detail with a little more channeling, and then record. These recordings are also done in segments and so I have to link of the segments together in order for a person to have one or two audios only instead of many.. Sadly it just takes far too long and people have gotten very upset if it went past the six month marker. Sometimes it takes a year or even two for them to be completed. If the person doesn’t have the patience, then I simply can’t take them on as a client for this service. My schedule also won’t allow more than two anyhow.

Also, some of the other readings on the website will also be discontinued. But no worries because I am very creative and I am now adding new ones. I am finding that there are readings that some people never purchase, while there are some they get purchased once in a while, and others that are purchased almost every day. I feel as though getting rid of the readings that nobody really has interest in, would be a good idea merely because it will leave a lot more room for other options. if by any chance there’s a reading that you come by in order to purchase and it’s not there anymore, then we probably discontinued it. It doesn’t hurt to email and ask about it though. I might do some for certain individuals that highly request it.

I am also offering audio meditations and hypnosis . I’ll also offer these services in person as well. there will be a few other in person sessions that you can look into if you’re in the area.

Weekly subscription services like the weekly angel, will be discontinued. For those that are in the weekly wise package, I also have that up until you’re ready to discontinue it yourself? But it won’t be available for a public purchase anymore. I will still have monthly subscription packages though.

A few of my other additional courses that were on my teachable site, will also be discontinued whereas the truthOlogy series (including Heaven & Hell, Indignation and absolution) will still be left available.

I also wanted to inform everyone that some of the prices on my website have changed. Some will have gone down and some will have gone up. This was determined in a meeting I had with some business professionals whom had experience in watching me work. Seeing how much energy and psychic vision that I put into some readings as well as time, determined that those readings should probably cost a little bit more out of respect for spirit and myself. Other services that were quicker, should’ve went down in price. I’m glad to finally have some advising in this area.

More wait time?

Please keep in mind that even though you may purchase a service, certain days are sometimes better for each individual according to their spirit guides. even if it says it’s a one week wait, you might wait a little bit more or even get yours sooner depending upon what your guides have to say and the inspiration behind it.

Social Media


So considering all of the social media is used for evil intentions these days, I spoke very negatively about TikTok in particular. I felt is though people were just making a mockery out of life and that a lot of it was being used to brainwash children. I also felt that people were just adding another app to obsess over whereas we already had so many of them. But frankly, kids are getting brainwashed on every platform. I’m sure many of you went ahead and downloaded TikTok anyhow, regardless of my opinion. That’s OK too. One of my greatest friends and student is actually very well-known on TikTok himself. He wasn’t afraid to be honest about it. I finally downloaded the app myself. Well I’ve never been a Snapchat fan, but TikTok actually seems to have some really cool features that I can use to just broadcast short moments of my life and with my small children. I already have a couple of cute videos there if you want to check them out. However, you won’t catch me following any bad influential sites, and I will always on every social media platform remain at a G or E rating. I am being that promotes innocence and lives innocently as well and so, I am only here to appeal to all audiences. My stuff will always be virtuous and clean. If you want to follow me there that would be humbling honor for me but if not, I understand. Many of you follow me on enough stuff.

In regards to my little ones and my life, I’ll be featuring a lot of that on my YouTube channel as well as my Instagram. Facebook a merely used to keep in touch with what’s going on in the lives of my closest friends and followers. I’m still pretty invested although I don’t really get a lot of time. However I find that I still want to remain in the loop and I will do so by checking Facebook as often as I can but I’ll mainly be on Instagram and YouTube. I’ve always felt more comfortable on Instagram and YouTube myself, and for the Tiktok of course… Which seems to be a lot of fun only on my creative end. i’ll definitely follow those that are of a clean account and support those that are definitely in my inner circle for sure.

i’ll be hosting my mostly raffles once again as well. I used to do them weekly but I would like to make it a little bit more exciting and do the month by month instead.


I am very close to being able to get my readings back to the one through five day wait time. VIPs will always come first of course and those memberships really are wonderful for great savings. In them, my members receive 20% of multiple purchases, 15% off individual purchases, one free healing during the membership year, a free goodies package throughout that year as a random surprise, and faster service provided. However over the last couple of months it’s been difficult to provide quicker service because there have been so many orders. Now that a lot of the back orders have come close to being fulfilled, I’ll be able to get back to my one week estimated wait time for readings on the site. For VIPs it should be within a day or two considering how many services you actually purchase. I’m always thrilled when I see my VIP clients taking advantage of the discounts and purchasing multiple things at a time, as well as coming back frequently. It does take a tad bit longer to get larger service orders issued though. Please bear with me.

The “by the day” program on my site will now only be available to VIP members though. While I was offering it publicly, I figured that it’s best to leave it as a part of the perks of the VIP membership package. Now my clients will have exclusive content. I also have a playlist on my YouTube from former videos I did in the past that are only viewable through a private link. If I give you the link you’ll be able to view them. Just ask for it if you are a VIP member. speaking of the YouTube, anyone ordering a video reading session, will also be able to find the video uploaded there in a private list on the channel. You will be the only one who has access to the link for your private reading though. I highly recommend that service. I’ll talk about that more in a minute.


To end the newsletter, I would like to mention a few of my favorite services for the summer. I tend to do certain services in time that I end up really enjoying and I will recommend them to certain clients who like to come back frequently but don’t always know what to get. I figured I would feature this in my newsletter as well since I don’t put them out monthly but more so seasonally. So here is a list of my most favorite Readings and products this summer so far.

Alura’s Favs

  1. Spirit Melody

  2. Bibliomancy

  3. Alura’s Intuitive

  4. Mystifying Tales of Heavenly Wisdom

  5. Mini Vidi

I really enjoy doing the readings that I mentioned just above. They’re actually really fun and inspiring for both of us. I hope to see some of you taking enjoyment in some of them to. Lots of love to you all and God bless. Thank you for taking the time out to read this.

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05 lug 2021

Thank you for the invite Alura

Mi piace

Thank you for newsletter♥♥♥

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As was said long ago, to be invited and welcomed to a group is the highest honor offered to a fellow traveler. Especially, from the respected hostess.

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Madison Lirette
Madison Lirette
02 lug 2021

Alura, I just want you to know that I the peace that washes across my soul when I read your words is unmatched. I know what's happening in the world, and you are INCREDIBLY humble. I know how difficult it must be to keep up with all of this. I have worked many jobs over the short course of fifteen years and have seen and felt how human beings can act over the smallest things. I look forward to getting a personal reading from you, but I so appreciate what you have put out to the masses, for free. I am very invested in all of your work and I appreciate the time and patience you took to put this…

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Membro sconosciuto
02 lug 2021

Alura, I would love to take courses like the Bible and the Goddesses ones but I don't know if it's accessible to everyone or if you have to have done the others before.

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02 lug 2021
Risposta a

Me too I would love to take courses on the Bible. I have so many versions haha 😄

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