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All of my readings are deep and life changing but with readings like my Earth Angel Oracle session, The Akasha Records, and The Great Figure of Destiny... I haven’t created another session that could ever top those... nor match them. Until now that is.

Welcome to the Angelic Archives! This reading is the ultimate Angelic package, fully complete with a mixed variety of angel services that are combined.

This package includes:

1. One message from your own guardian angel.

2. A spiritual evaluation from one of the Archangels (whomever appears for you at the time of the session).

3. A tarot session guided by your Angelic Guide using Alura’s Angel Intuitive Deck based on general insight on your atmosphere that needs help most (career, family, love, Health etc).

4. An angelic two card draw using Doreen Virtues Angel Oracle deck, to see what forces are blocking you.

5. A Mystifying Tales of Heavenly Wisdom reading for insight in example of a story that holds an answer for you, and the explanation.

6. Heavenly Homework - Two goals given to you by the Angels who were present during the reading, to work on that will help. An activity or exercise to try, and your stone or crystal to use.

7. Numerology

All of that is combined and then compressed into a time duration that the angels feel will keep you focused, and interested while listening but still provide extreme wisdom.

Disclaimer: The results can be by text format or audio mp3, at the discretion of your angels and how they think you will receive the information best.

Our refund policy is 48 hrs after your purchase only. If you have already received your service you are not eligible for a refund as your service has already been conducted & rendered to you. Thank you!

Angelic Archive

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