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In the records of your journey as a soul, we learn many details of the billions of memories that you have come to create. After life, that is all that remains anyway… Memories. In this, there are people that you’ve loved most, and especially one that you love most of all. The other half of who you are, your twin flame. This is the story of your journey together from beginning up until now. It tells of all of your trials, and all of your trials does it all together. This reading is a beautiful gift from the heavens channeled by Alura, which helps you to see just how much a person means to you not just in this lifetime or for who they are today, but spiritually… Eternally. Those out there who love their love her deeply, will want to know the adventures, the sorrows, the dreams that have come true, and the ones that never got a chance to. Embark into the story of your journey together, the journey of the flames… In this epic tale/reading. It is a priceless piece of history for you to remember this person that you are with today, that you know now, but have long forgotten and past lifetimes long over.
This is a beautiful anniversary or wedding gift, or just a gift present to your partner because simply… You truly love them. This reading also helps you to understand why there are difficulties in your relationship, the lessons you are learning together. Overcoming those difficulties and learning those lessons can make the relationship as perfect as it is meant to be and more! 

A photograph of the couple is needed for this reading. It takes several weeks up to a month or two to complete depending on how many experiences you have actually had together. It is delivered in either audio or text format depending upon Alura‘s preference and presentation. Both presentations, either MP3 file or a keepsake e-books, are both beautifully presented for you to walk away as your own peace of universal history.
This reading can also be used on other soulmate types, best friends, or family members that you wish to know all of your past lifetimes that you have had with.

Our refund policy is 48 hrs after your purchase only. If you have already received your service you are not eligible for a refund as your service has already been conducted & rendered to you. Thank you!

The Journey of the flame

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