The soul can travel the sands of time through realities beyond, or it may have been created for a specific reality. Are you of otherworldly origins? In Alura’s teachings, she says that souls are native to many worlds and realms. Some also incarnate into others. Light is energy, it is consciousness. Your consciousness is your soul and you are only using enough to fit into this body for this experience. Your higher self consciousness could have come from an otherwordly origin and through your journey, it has had many experiences either here or somewhere else. Who are you? Where are you from? How does that relate to your lifetime now, here? This reading covers that, plus discovering the traits, and any special abilities. This reading is world renown! Alura has read tens of thousands all over the globe and specializes in reading your consciousness and the memories within it as far back as its beginning. 

* Requires- Photo, Date of Birth and location of birth.

Soul Reading

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