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Everybody goes through life healing and complete, lacking direction and at times wondering what to do. In my career there have even been people that were very passionate about things that they were pursuing, and having invested all of them self into it, thought that they were living their dream. Unfortunately, that was only to find out later on down the line, that it really wasn’t what they had expected and that as they change so do their interests and their dreams. But a life purpose is the one thing that does not change. It is the goal of life to bring meaning to it. Based on higher self, you will have been through a lot of different things in your past life times that with that formation and skill collected together, creates a purpose or meaning that you will for fill your next life based on those experiences and the wisdom gained in them to make it your special spiritual area of expertise. What is your purpose? Why are you here? There are so many different reasons as to why a person is here on this earth. Find out yours today, going down the path of really feeling like you have something to live for.

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Life Purpose

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