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You are more than just a human. You are a spirit, an energy being. It’s your spirit who is having an experience in the human form, not the other way around. There are so many secrets that are hidden even from those who are in the highest ranks of spiritual, religious, esoteric and occult teachings. Heaven protects the truth. Most of everything around you is the illusion. The reality is what you don’t see. Man’s downfall came when he forgot about that and conformed his mind to focus on the experience of the material world only. 

Your human body is merely just the car or vessel that you’re driving while you are experiencing this world and the things in it.  Or rather, the body is the space suit for the “alien” within it to walk upon the Earth. Since that’s the real you, the only thing that should really matter is your spirit. Equal to that  is how you care for the “car” or “suit” that you’re in, in order to get the most out of your experience. It’s like a person who buys their very first car. They want the car to look beautiful, to be clean and detailed. They want the interior of the car to be pristine as well. But they also have to take care of themselves as the driver. If they want their car to last long, they’ll take care of it but they also take care of themselves that they don’t drive while drinking, that they drive according to speed limit, and that they are always paying attention to everything going on around them. And so they care for both the passenger inside and the vehicle outside. But they also make sure that they care for the interior of the vehicle  too. Everything around them on the outside can be considered a danger. The best care goes into every level of their attention. This should be the same in regards to your physical body, and your souls existence within it. 

Therefore,  it is highly recommended that everyone has a full energetic evaluation every now and then. This includes all of the forms of energy that affect you, connect to you, are emitted by you, and taken in by you as well. There are so many things that can interfere with your energy body, the layers of it, and it’s health. Your vibration and the overall health of your spiritual energetic body determines the state of health that you are in, in your physical body. That in turn goes on to define how you interact in and with your environm. It likewise defines how the environment interacts with you. What types of energies do you attract toward you? What is around you of  unseen nature, and how did your energy body attract it?  Are there any energies being sent your way deliberately? By what, by who? Why? 

You have to also remember that there are many forms of both natural and artificial energy, that often not only interact but interferes, with your spirit. The energy of your spirit guides, other random entities and your own soul ties affect you. You also can’t forget about your chakras which I call, the spiritual centers. The spiritual centers are the vacuums and “exhaust fans” of the spirit. They can, and they do malfunction at times. They can become overactive, underactive, unbalanced, or stop working. Just like the many layers of your energy, your chakras  can become infested with parasites or implants. All of this affects your vibration, and your ability to ascend. But most importantly it affects your spiritual health and development. 

This full deluxe evaluation includes:

1.)  A Full analysis of your auric layers. Everyone is different and most people can vary from having 7-13 layers. It will provide extensive information on the vibration of each, and the vibrations will be translated into color. You receive also the translation of what those layers are saying when converting their frequency into intelligence. I’ll also include any findings in regards to implants, parasites, attachments, holes, rips, damage or energy that may have been sent your way on purpose, like a curse of sorts. I call these spiritual interferences.

2.)  A Full analysis of your spiritual centers will also be conducted. I’ll provide details on each chakra, it’s vibration, rotation, direction, and power. I’ll explain how they are affecting your auric layers, and vice versa. I’ll also look for interferences, blockages, damages, and illnesses in them and how it affects your physical health.

3. In the evaluation you will also receive an in-depth report on any interferences individually and how it came to be there, if you had any.

4. The report also measures the flow of both of your main energetic channels on the left and right.

5. I also evaluate the flow of your core (middle) channel which is determined by the force of flow coming from both of your left and right channels. This is called your Kundalini.  

6. The analysis also includes, how much of a forceful flow or lack of, you have within the spiritual energy cords (Nadis). These shoot out like little threads from your aura into the environment. This connects you to everything and everyone around you. It’s very important that these threads have an open flow of energy. Otherwise you’ll be disconnected or you could attract lower vibrational forms of energy.

7. Your compartments and layers of intelligent consciousness are also evaluated. This is your actual spirit. This is the energy being within and how you operate your physical computer system called the brain. What things are stored in different parts of the brain that are helpful or hurtful to you? Is your spirit utilizing a lot of its brain power? Could you expand the usage of your consciousness to be more advanced? And, are there malfunctioning areas holding you back? Do you have anything anchoring you too much to the physical world, that you are not awakening as greatly as you should? These answers are provided. 

8. I also go over your average in regards to your overall vibration or frequency. This will take all of the information altogether and give you an actual vibrational number so that you can understand for yourself, where you are at in regards to color or sound, if you were to compare it.

9. Another wonderful element of this deluxe evaluation, is that I will also determine whether there are any connections that you have to anyone energetically, that are damaging to you. Are there any connections that you have with other people that are damaging to them? Are there any that are especially important? 

10. Another element of the reading, is that I will also evaluate whether you have anything in your aura that is attached to you from your past lifetimes? Are there any markers of trauma? Loss? Are there any spirits that are attached to you from connections in the past of your journey? I’ll explain how.

11. Another important part of the evaluation is how the environment affects your energy. I’ll also explain if I can, your affect on the environment as well if any. What things are you especially sensitive to that bring your vibration down?

12. I will also go into results, after looking into your overall atmosphere as well. I’ll review your environment and see if there’s anything in your environment that could potentially be harmful to you energetically. There are a lot of things I can get into your aura and the environments natural affect on it, but are there things in your environment overall as well? I’ll do an atmospheric scan.

13. Last but not least, I’ll explain to you the color of your consciousness and your aura both.

This reading is done in several little sessions and due to the combination of many readings, time, energy and the report’s depth, the price is as listed and a great value! Each of the 13 evaluated areas are of a $50 value individually, bringing it’s worth to $650, saving you $250! A photo is needed!  No refunds after 48 hours of purchase.

Full Deluxe Energetic Evaluation

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