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Alura Spiritual Services

People who come to Alura, trust in Alura. Many allow her the privilege as an expert to recommend the reading or service that she may feel fits their needs most. However, many people will come for one thing at a time and find that their condition spiritually is not all that great and that there are many things that they need as they go. Each reading depending upon what resource information is providing the guidance, will reveal something that needs to be fixed, altered, or cared for in their lives. That can become costly over time. Spiritual care is important! But it should be easy. And, it should be clear.  Rather than jumping around between different services, why not get the “Angelic Spiritual Assessment”?  This service collects data from you using several methods that looks at your: 
1. physical health, 
2. spiritual health, 
3. aura & chakra system, 
4. nadis, 
5. karmic blockages, 
6. how far in ascension, 
7. spiritual attachments, 
8. Generational spirits or curses if any, 
9. Soul ties
10. Next step in life & spirituality
11. Surrounding family and loved one issues if any 
12. Career & purpose
And more! Afterwards, a unique individualized spiritual care plan of services that you specifically need will be provided for you along with the results of the assessment. A 15% off discount will be applied to all future services after having had the assessment, to save you money as you go into all that you need for your spiritual journey. 
The package leads to Soul Development, a term created by Alura to mean the beginning of a person’s journey into their spiritual path toward ascension. This also includes a  free general healing.

Angelic Spiritual Care Accessment