People who come to Alura, trust in Alura. With this, she has guided many in their path not only to become a spiritual being, but to ascend that spiritual being! This service can do one of two things: 
1. It can gather data from a newcomer after several sessions are conducted that can help put together a “Soul Development” program uniquely fit for them individually. This includes working with their guides, soul blueprint, and higher self for their recommendations. It also requires some channeling into deep and private places within the soul’s consciousness to know how to approach the spiritual journey. 

2. It goes into channeling and remote viewing after working through the Soul Development program with a client for some time, that can then point them into the next steps for the next phase of ascension in the Tree of Life. Where are they now after working hard? What areas still need help? What should they do next? It goes into many areas of the soul within, their lives, and spirit team to find out. This provides a great deal of insight since the ascension and awakening process is a serious one, that takes a bit of time if a soul is serious.

This does require remote observation, subconscious channeling, and blue print reading, which can be deep and invasive. Be sure that you are ready to embark on the next part of your journey and you are comfortable allowing someone into those very deep areas which contain secrets even you may be unaware of in yourself.
If you are ready, this service is a great way to get started or continue on in reaching your level of transcendence in which your higher self has destined for you to reach. 

Spiritual Assessment

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