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Tuesday Tip

Everybody has their own method of exercise that works for them. Have you ever tried to work out, and it just seemed to end up becoming a dreadful thing that you started to avoid, instead of look forward to? That is because you are not doing the exercises that feel right spiritually to you. Your body needs to move in a way that feels good and amplifies your energy as well.

Tuesdays Tip? Well, get into a regular routine of exercise. It raises your vibe, keeps you healthy, and helps eliminate a lot of things. Those things include; toxins in the body and stress. Send you are eliminating negative energy as well as toxins, you may want to have your aura cleanse every couple weeks to a few months, just to get rid of anything that may be floating around in your spiritual body on the outside in the atmosphere. This will help you keep up with your health and a balance your existence. You will feel far more better than you do now. It will bring happiness, and more energy. That motivation will lead toward accomplishing more things. It will also help you to gain confidence. Yes, exercise is very important. You have to keep your vibration up and that includes physically as well.

My favorite exercise is walking but I am also getting started with Yoga. I have just found a wonderful yoga teacher that I will be following and learning from online. My schedule is too busy to get out there and take classes in person, but she is a wonderful instructor and that I can learn a lot from, and maybe you can too... if you’re interested. Check her out at

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