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Join a subscrption for ongoing care and deals.

  • Best Value

    V.I.P Membership

    Every year
    Our one year V.I.P membership kit! (No coupon use offered)
    • 20% off of all purchases
    • One free healing for the year
    • Spiritual Mystery Box
    • Faster service than non-members
    • Unlimited access to courses (if previously enrolled)
  • Spirit Melody

    Every month
    Let spirit mix it up and take care of you!
    • Two surprise readings selected by your guides.
    • Comes monthly on the same that you purchased.
  • Monthly Muse

    Every month
    Monthly Psychic Insight!
    • Three card basic reading
    • Lucky numbers
    • Mini Crystal ball scry
    • Mystical animal
  • Behind Closed Doors

    Every year
    A secret membership
    • Random texts with motivational insights
    • Insider tidbits of prophetic messages
    • Randomly shared projects and activities
    • Fun gift exchanges
    • Free access to private lectures or podcasts
    • Surprise Readings
    • VIP delivery of services
    • Random audio upgrades to video
    • Invites to plans (if local)
    • Direct messaging for questions
    • All of the benefits of the original VIP membership
    • Channel- Behind Closed Doors
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