The Saturn and Jupiter conjunction on the winter solstice of 2020, marks a very significant time for many. Not only does it affect mankind together as a collective but it will affect each person individually. this time is so important in fact, it could reshape the world and even re-define your very structure of life. What’s in store for you? How does this change a lot of things about you, the life that you live, and the life around you? This detailed report will give you insight through a little bit of channeling and an unknown rare form of astrology called “Angelic Astrology”. It will determine what you should expect to happen throughout the next year. It even has the possibility of providing general future predictions onward, if blessed with further future insight beyond 2021! 

This report will also help you to see how this conjunction’s energies will affect the many areas of your life and spiritual journey. How will these energies affect your relationships? Your character? Career? How will all of that change? Come find out! I did! 
My report disclosed shocking things including an upcoming death, and an increase in my public reach in order for my work and message to spread even further! Therefore, I’ve gotten some good and bad news. Will you? Another client discovered divorce on the horizon which made sense. They even discovered an upcoming inheritance or windfall sum promised to them by their stars, in the next year. It was a helpful confirmation in their  future. What will yours reveal? Time is changing and you feel it’s shift.  The time shift is a turning wheel that can empower you or bring you low. It’s important to know and be prepared. How many wish they would’ve needed some thing ahead of time, to have avoided it or change things completely? Don’t be that person this time.
This reading is only available until after the holidays.

The Shift


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