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Finally, the sister reading to the bibliomancy session. Instead of getting a Bible verse interpreted, this reading takes it to a whole other level by having the heaven select a random book and passage from it, that relates you complete with interpretation on how it connects. This is a fun reading that can provide you with serious insight! It’s one of my favorite ways of doing divination, and it’s definitely for all of you book lovers out there. It’s even been known to inspire the person receiving it, to want to read the book in which the passage was chosen from, leading them into a whole new reading adventure! Using this gift of seeing into truth, all of my life as a book work who decided almost everything that I’ve ever read, I have also wowed clients that I’ve done this reading for when I had suggested it upon private consultation. Now it’s available for everyone to try!

I highly recommend this one, and even more so… I recommend the Bibliomancy reading. From each, you can discover a hidden message that provides you with deep psychic insight and wisdom both!


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