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Do you like our original spiritual sprays? Are you a fan of our new fragrances to too? Do you want something that can bless your objects and cleanse them, clear out the energy of your room, and make it smell absolutely fantastic at the same time? Then this is the product for you. Our new especially designed spiritual spray is made to mask odors, freshen up any room, but also bless and spiritually cleanse your space and objects at the same time. Made out of 100% natural products and of our very own unique fragrance recipe, made only for this product here. This Spiritual Spray is blessed, but also made to fill your space with a smell that is fresh, calming, and clean. One bottle will last quite a while. With just one spray, it covers a very large area as the smell fans out throughout the space. The aroma itself is long lasting as well, up to about 4 to 6 hours. you can use this to spray not only in a room, but on any of your spiritual tools, in your own aura, and it’s even safe to use on your animals. Made with 100% Holy Water too!

Spiritual Blessing and Room Fragrance Spray