There are three distinct forms of possession. One is just by your energy on the outside, through attaching to your order they can then send the forms to influence you to act out upon. Then there is remote possession. This is where any given psychic can use mind control to possess you and use you for their own means. Spirits can also do the same from any spiritual plane that they are on. Third kind is the worst, where spirit walks into your body and takes over. In any case they are all awful with terrifying symptoms. It’s not like the movies though. You will not see a person flopping around on the floor. A person who is possessed, is possessed by a spirit who is very intelligent and wants to go unnoticed so that they can remain with the host. Therefore it will seem like the person all along, just with new behavior, reactions, mood swings and activities. There will be very distinct symptoms for each type of possession. You will need to have a consultation by email for this. We also offer this in person as well. I can remove any kind of spiritual attachment or possession, from a distance through out of body method, or to do so in person you’re great force field of energy and authority. If you are having trouble please book this session and contact us through email immediately.

Spirit Eviction/ Exorcism


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