It’s winter, yes. Already,  I 
 have a set of Angelic Magic candles, each one individually dedicated to the angel that added the blessing to its patron candle.  But life is short, and for every thing there is a season, and the frustration that you feel each season in winter needs to be changed. Archangel Cassiel knows how hard the winter is, and that in winter, times seem lonely, desolate, and confining. But that’s not how you are supposed to feel. Instead, Cassiel wants you to have the same vibrancy and motivation that many had during Spring, Summer, and Fall months. So we are offering the limited time seasonal Angelic Magic “Winter Edition” candle, only available when Winter heads our way. In honor of the winter solstice, the festivities of the season, and the need that many have for uplifting energy during this time of year, these beautiful candles are  blessed by Archangel Cassiel and holds within them, magic to attract good luck, prosperity, any opportunities to enhance your situation and experience, as well as refreshing vibes.
The aromatherapy in the this limited time candle is invigorating but brings a sense of serenity with it at the same time. A beautiful piece crafted in Cassiel’s honor, is made in gray/blue color for the essence of Cassiel himself. It is adorned in silver like his aura, and has decorative crystals and elements relating to this winter angel. It resembles an icy storm inside the candle! Absolutely stunning. Alura and the angels have outdone themselves this time. See the Autumn edition too before sold out or discontinued until next season!

Special Edition- Archangel Cassiel’s It’s Winter


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