Depression weighs heavily upon people these days. It’s hard to find help as insurance companies play a lot of games, and doctors charge an arm and a leg. Not only that, but doctors like to try to give you some kind of psychological diagnosis which brings down your self-esteem making you think that there’s something wrong with you. Then to make matters worse, they prescribe medication which then gives you a load of side effects and that eventually ends up causing a need for you to take other medications just to cope with the side effects of the other. It’s a mess. It doesn’t seem like there has been a great breakthrough in finding a way to cope with depression yet. Even regular therapists  sit there and  doodle while you talk. In the polls that I have taken in my research, many people have said that even though they had the chance to vent in those sessions, that therapy didn’t  even help them. Instead, they felt alone and like the therapist that they paid wasn’t listening or that they didn’t care enough to listen. 
I have found something that helps! Working with so many people around the globe, I have done my own research and statistics spiritually and psychologically. I have found a lot of things that play into depression that have helped me to design a quick pick me up motivational program. This is not like my other life coaching. My other life coaching programs offer so many different things. But this one here? It focuses on getting you motivated in different ways while it focus on parts of you and your life that depression targets. It helps you to find meaning in life. 
Look around you. Out there in the world today, people are losing their hope and  for some....their will to live.  Suicide rates have gone up significantly over the last year. Things will eventually get better yes. The Angelic Herald at predicted much of the chaos happening today back in articles from 2016- 2019. According to those predictions, we will still have some tribulations to go through as a society. You do know what day in age we’re in and what’s going on don’t you? Nevertheless, you don’t have to go down with the old system or be held down by the new one even worse in limitations and control. This motivational program helps you to find meaning, fun, and to develop a lighter energy throughout the day instead of that heavy one that you’ve been feeling that’s full of anxiety. Why not give it a try?

Coaching Includes: 
1. Personalized custom weekly program for uplifting your spirits.
2. Help in areas of your life that depression affects. 
3. Tools and exercises that help fight depression and adds motivation to keep going with a new outlook. 
The contents of the package follows my specialized custom program for you, but was guided by your own spirit guides, higher self and angel.

Lasts 12 weeks. Far more affordable than a doctor. My price for 12 weeks puts the fee at only just $42 weekly for so much! And it actually works. 

Quick Pick me up- Motivational Program


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