There is a wolf in sheep’s clothing in everyone’s life, as well as there being something dressed up to appear as if it’s a good, when it’s really bad. That’s the illusion of deception. It’ll always appear to be good or in your best interest when in fact, under the mask it is something that could bring you stress, grief, or regret. Sometimes, even a positive dream can can a darker meaning. Do you have a hidden enemy under one of the smiling faces in your life, someone always good to you surfacely but deep down feels indifferently? Is there a person who seems too good to be true? Or, is there an object that you own, bringing back luck? Did you have a fantastic dream, that somehow left a strange impression on you? Or perhaps you were presented with an opportunity that seems too good to be true? Either way, let me step into your Pandora’s box and  find out if what is good is bad, why, what the damage could be as a result, and what to do from this point. Because... life is filled with many illusionary things.

Pandora’s Box


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