Have you had a Soul Contract or Karma reading and want to go deeper into a lesson to better understand it? Do you want to know :
1. How it effects you in multiple ways
2. Ways it will appear in your life
3. Why you have trouble learning it
This reading expands on it! Plus you’re so may be on a mission to learn and understand something specifically that may not be a karmic debt yet. Perhaps maybe it’s just a lesson that you are learning on your own for your own soul’s growth personally. It may be to understand something in life or within yourself more deeply. The karma reading may not help you always understand that. Karma readings help you to understand more or less about whether you owe debts to yourself, higher self or to someone else, that may be getting in your way. Karma creates blockages. The lesson of the soul is an objective for growth. While they both play hand-in-hand, this reading focuses on one more so than the other.

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My Soul Lesson


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