The healing balm that I make for adults is fantastic regards to healing ashy, dry, cracked sore skin. It makes your skin soft, moisturized and lavish. However, when it comes to children we need a different formula. At times, they have diaper rash, scrapes, all kinds of ailments. This baby balm here heals and prevents diaper rash and it’s made out of all natural products with a special hypoallergenic natural ingredient that heals rashes especially. You can even use it on slight burns, sunburn, and cradle cap. I’m a mother four times they only use the very best products for my children. But I found that it would be in their best interest and health to make my very own, knowing that there are no additives or fake ingredients going onto my children’s skin. This has helped heal diaper rash for over a decade as it was a recipe handed down to me from above and I’ve been using it since my son Noah and on both of two children born after him. I absolutely love it. And that’s why, I am offering it to you! Give your child the best care.

Healing Balm for Kids


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