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Everyone was created with a conscience. It was said everyone has an angel on one shoulder and a demon on the other. One to protect, the other to tempt. It’s true in a way. You do have a protector, an angelic guide who intervenes besides other guides and higher self. Then, there are malicious entities who follow everyone around, playing mentally and emotionally on their weaknesses. In the spiritual hierarchy good and bad, many spirits have different associations, virtues, sins, and jobs. Don’t you want to know who lingers around you to try to make you go wayward? Don’t you want to know whose responsible for bailing you out of trouble too? The voice of reason who at times talks you out of doing the wrong thing? This reading tells you each assigned to each side of your duality, why they are there, and signs to look for that they are trying to communicate in some way.

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Guardian Versus Tempter

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