Gender neutral fragrances (for guys and girls). Everybody has moments in their lives that are marked by the smell in the air, or the scent of a person beside them. Here, I have created my own signature Scents in my own fragrance line. I believe in using all natural products and where these fragrances myself. One is devoted to my baby girl Adree. It was inspired after a long day of nurturing. It is a blend of wonderful woodsy notes that gives you a very delightfully calming but enchanting smell. Great for meditation or leaving your impression on that very special somebody that you’re trying to win over. Calming but mystifying aroma for your own enjoyment. For both men and women, it’s also great for mothers who want to leave as an impression on their young as children always detect the smell of their mother. Or to feel attractive next to your spouse after a long day. The second one is my own inspired fragrance, which is a blend of floral and citrus aromas that are light and airy like the wings of an angel. It delivers a playful scent that leaves you in a state of consciousness that makes you feel and smell mystically beautiful. While mine is wonderful for the daytime, Adree’s is a fragrance of the night. Try one or buy both as a set. You surely won’t be disappointed and they come beautifully packaged and supplied in a beautiful vintage bottle that adorns any vanity or dressing space. 
My third and final fragrance is called YHWH and is dedicated to the heavens above. A combo of sandalwood, a few drops of different musks, it’s a scent that brings alive the Creator’s strong presence and adds a note of motivational aromatherapy that makes you feel like you can do anything. All fragrances are a part of my enchantment line which in their creation are made to produce specific moods too.

As a loving creature of the heavens, I not I only want everyone to find their soul and to live their dreams with my services, but I want them to feel their very best and to make each moment in life magic that will last in their memories always.
All natural products.
A portion of the purchases proceeds given to St. Jude’s children’s hospital.



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