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Our new line of unicorn products presents, the unicorn horn, and chanted bath salt scrub. Pour this into a wonderful bath, or use it to exfoliate your skin. Either way you step out smelling beautifully in chanted. Our secret fragrance, lasts for hours and hours after use. It also leaves a little glimmer and shine to your skin with our glitter melody. This is safe for adults and children alike. Even my own young child likes the smell and the texture of this salt scrub. This product as well as others are a part of another store that we own, that is not associated with any of the spiritual services works. Most of the products here are. what’s more, is that this body scrub, is spelled with ritual magic to leave you feeling confident, boosting your self-esteem and giving you an essence of beauty. The fragrance itself can also act as an aphrodisiac. Comes complete with love and warmth in every jar as well as a secret hidden gift inside!

Enchanted Unicorn Salt Scrub


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