This beautiful event signals multitude of new things that can be gained from it. Mystical, powerful, the ring of fire eclipse brings  encircles any achievement with great motivation, luck, and protection. It also clears away negativity, competition, and anything from the past that may be preventing you from moving forward at this moment in time. While that protection and happiness can last a lifetime, the spell is only most powerful during this moment when the sun has eclipsed and the new moon is in effect today and in the residual energy remaining tomorrow. Take it advantage of this opportunity. A celestial event of this type, ensures a strong whirlwind of elemental and celestial power to surround you for your deepest needs and desires. With archangels Ambriel (our heavenly homework guide) and  Uriel in effect for his powerful position as a high magician, they will encircle your life with motivation and change.

You can order any number of spells that fall under the categories listed as options for this service. Please see the options that are available. Get ready for change!

Eclipse and New Moon Spell


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