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Sandalphon, the angel of prayer, added his assistance in the making of this candle as he drenched it with his Earthy, warm vibration of divine communication, and high hopes of prayers answered. We celebrate the Autumn Equinox, a time of harvest and Thanksgiving through giving back! In the meantime, a little bit of Sandalphon’s energy in your space may add to the motivation of feeling blessed, content, and an inspiring want to give what heaven has given to you, to others. This candle is a beautiful addition to any room or office and is infused with Sandalphon’s strong energy to give to you delightful feelings of being charitable, helpful, and full of humbleness. This candle will continue to invoke blessings all around. When you give, it not only helps the person you’re giving to, but it adds happiness to yourself. Enriched with sweet notes of Sandalwood, citrus and Neroli, it’s Autumn vibe and scent is full of Angelic Magic! Gift to yourself or to someone else during the Thanksgiving “Give Back” movement that Alura is running on Spiritually Awkward  and Facebook!

Special Edition- Angelic Magic Autumn