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They’re back! My grandmother and I used to make these candles when I was a little girl. I always loved God, magic and the craft. Grandmom was the only one who accepted me for who I truly am. For her support and the guidance of the angels through my life, I wanted to  make a new edition of the candles in dedication to the Angels. Working with Archangel Ariel, we came up with a design, new recipes, and a few wonderful spells and launched them in 2010! They popped up again in 2016, and now revised, they are here to stay! Angelic Magic! Each one is full of warmth and a burst of love that’s felt just in lighting it! Made out of 100% natural products, each one is made of soy and also has aromatherapy that’s produced through the scent, from essential oils that were produced by me! Each candle comes complete with a spell assigned to it by the corresponding Archangel. There are some wonderful added ingredients too, making each candle like a mini hug from above but with big surprises to come later in your spell’s results. These are great for manifestation, adding some cheer to your life, or as a gift for someone that you love.You can by them singularly or purchase the whole set. (Some of the candle options are not shown in the pictures).

Angelic Magic Spell Candles

Angelic Magic Candle

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