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While everybody has a record of every lifetime that they have ever lived, there is also another form of records, and not for my records is inside of you. Your DNA also tells a story. We’re tells the story of your families ancient past. We do not see images with our eyes, rather just late. That late then digs into the library of your DNA for information, sending the information signals to the brain. Where do you think that information came from? It came from your ancestors. Your ancestors have left genetic treats, and knowledge within you that you pass down with more that you have added, to the next generation. But even though your ancestors have given you so much in just the DNA, they are also still very much in existence on the other side too. Because they experienced so many things and have watched over your family line throughout the ages, they can shed light into things in your life and family life that you may not really understand. Why are things the way that they are? What’s going on in your family? Where do certain thoughts that you have come from? Do they have any advice or wisdom that they can provide for you to use, in moving forward?

Ancestor Message

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