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Not only do I now have a service where you can grab a cup of tea, and chat away with me on Thursdays (Tea Time with Ally), but I am also launching my very own tea. This is an incredible blend of tea leaves, healthy herbs  and florals, that give it an all-around delicious taste. It provides more of an open mind through giving you a serene and relaxing feeling that helps you to calm down your thoughts, anxiety or depression. As it soothes, it gives you a few minutes of clarity and space to meditate and maybe even gain some flashes of insight through the tranquility. 
Right now, I brought together my very own favorite blend presented here but I can custom craft you a blend for other health needs. And the order will come complete with five bags of tea. It would be great if you could save one of those for a “teatime with me” session. But if not,  enjoy it. Use it before Astral projection, to get a good nights sleep, or  just to calm yourself down for a little bit of meditation or prayer.

Please inform me of any allergies.
Teas can be made custom for special needs.

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