Step into the journey of your past lifetimes. All of them! While you were here on earth. Get excited, to start the process of connecting with your higher self and your memories of old. Come hear the story of the journey of your soul. Every lifetime included! Extreme detail, like no where else! Many have said that this service was accurate, life changing, and eye opening. Have your journey read by the master Oracle Alura and you’ll not only be blown away, but you’ll trigger a part of your Awakening. This Service is not only just a reading but also an activation service. Part of awakening is connecting with the higher self. And the higher self is, all of the things that you have ever experienced, not just in this life but in every lifetime that you have lived. When you can recall those things, you are now well on your way towards Awakening! 
Limited time offer! Some readers charge thousands of dollars for general info. Alura make the service affordable and takes you on a audio visionary trip!
With so much detail and many clients, this service takes a few weeks to several months depending on how past life readings yours includes and how many people we have on schedule.

Akasha Records Part Two- Earth (Reservation Only)


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