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Tired all of the time?...

I talk about how electronics bother me, but that’s not the only thing that is a major drag when it comes to maintaining a high vibe. Your physical energy is included in your vibe because all of the energy bodies make up the soul. That’s why we need to balance those bodies, as a part of higher self connection. It seems like there are always delays and setbacks when it comes to reaching any goal. Especially, when it comes to spiritual enlightenment. Energy drains are a part of those setback. You have to keep your energy steadily vibrating at a certain level to be considered higher vibrational. If your energy rises and drops than you won’t be consistently vibrate enough to understand the language of the new higher consciousness at that higher level as a result of having to leave it when your energy goes below that frequency. I’m teaching this in my courses. For now, try to keep that vibe up, in order to remain healthy! But what happens when you are doing everything right but it still lowers? Well, then that’s a result other atmospheric interferences etc. Knowing what they are, will help to avoid the vibrational roller coaster that they cause. It makes you tired and even can put you to sleep within even knowing that you are tired. Stay healthy!

1. Electronic-devices have their own frequency. The currents coming from them will wreck havoc on yours.

2. Being around others who are vibrating at a lesser frequency. While auras overlap, the combined vibes make a new one for everyone involved. A vibe that could be lower than your usual.

3. Hormones- Imbalance in the hormones can effect how you feel. Those physical and emotional reactions can bring you down, making you groggy.

4. The planets and moon. The cycles of the celestial bodies can be weak in connection to your consciousness‘s and it’s ketheric template that they connect to.

While those are a few biggies as to why you may be feeling tired, there is a bigger reason. Nowadays, it’s almost as if people all over are suffering from sudden narcolepsy. They feel fine, sit down and then they’re knocked out suddenly. Waking up later on, they had no idea hat they fell asleep. They weren’t even tired. What is causing it?

The natural grid to Earth. That beautiful flower of life design is disrupted. Learn more in Absolution at for now, just keep in mind that our pattern is a vibration and to remain a flowing frequency that is consistent, it can’t be disrupted. For example; imagine ripples in water. If you stick a finger in it, it’ll change pattern in that location and if you keep your finger there long enough then the pattern will learn to redirect itself with the finger there. That spot will become void of any pattern. Imagine thousands of people dipping a finger into pattern?! Too many fingers will change the pattern to being blotchy and the current keeping it going will start to weaken. Well, our “ripple” is weakening. All of the pollution, crime, negativity, global warming, etc act as those fingers so to speak. So a new artificial pattern has to be made to keep the flow going at all. The slow death of the earths Grid was known and so the artifice grid has been in the making as a part of the Astrological Age’s plan aligning with a planet representing Raphael. Raphael is also known as Hermès and is ruled by Mercury and Mercury is in Virgo. Virgo is our opposing zodiac to Pisces. Mercury is all about technology. I want to teach more but not right now. But remember that “they“ use the mirror reverse or opposing side of what is said to be the main representative. Thus “opposer”, and “the light-bringer“. Hey, there were other reasons for wireless energy after all, come on now!

Our natural holographic backdrop is now being replaced with a technological one! And humans are not used to it. Disconnection from the earth to plug into a false grid, disrupts how the environment effects the human body who relies on it.This of Course will make you feel tired and unmotivated. But it’s too big to do anything about. You have to push yourself and make adjustment. What can you do?

1. Stay active

2. Drink water with lemon

3. Turn off devices

4. Meditate in a shady area

5. bath in lukewarm water

6. Yoga!

7. Have regular clearings

8. Try an EMF Grid

That will help you stay awake for longer! Trust me!

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