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Now that we are doing these daily things again, I am hoping to inspire others to really keep themselves motivated. Life quickly spirals downward if we don’t keep on top of our spiritual care. I apologize to everybody for not being so active before. It’s just that Facebook lost the same energy that it used to have back in 2014, 2015, and 2016. I think those were the three best years for me. Now I simply use Instagram because the energy of Instagram feels a little less heavier than the background energies of facebooks spies! I want to keep things going for everyone here though, and the support is greatly appreciated. Sharing and posting, it helps make all the difference. I think sometimes I get a little discouraged because I don’t get a lot of help in that department. LOL.

In any case, thanks to many of you... I’m still going strong and here today with #throwbackthursday

That post was placed on Facebook back in 2016. That was when the first course began and everyone was exploring deeper illumination. I seldom ever hear anyone talking about how much this path has changed them. The information was so simple and easy to understand but yet deeper than most had gone before. I would like to see people start tagging and posting about the courses and maybe quoting some of things that they have learned. I am ready if you are! The above quote is talking about awareness. People seldomly ever think before they do anything and that is why mistakes are made so easily. Have you learned to “think first” before reacting or making decision? How has it bettered you #lifepath mentally, emotionally, spiritually, financially, in love or in relationships? Have you worked on the subconscious as deeply that it made a huge difference in what you consciously decide? Something to ponder. If not, maybe getting some help in coaching would benefit you.

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May 24, 2019

I learned with you to think before rushing into things! That helps to avoid destroying my own pursuits through ending my self-deception after I had accomplished something. It helps me with finances, because now I don't always go out and buy things just because a thought of something enters my mind. I think that really has helped me in my love life too, because now I don't just let anyone in. I weigh the pros and cons or I try to. And that has helped me respect myself more, too, while still being there for people if they need companionship

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