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Quick Announcement

With having the most detailed, mystical and revealing past life readings in the world...I many times have taken the Akashic Records readings on and off of the site as a way to make them available for truth seekers but to also be able to manage how many requests came in. When off of the site, I kept the option for people to make personal requests by email instead. However, with people realizing over time how legitimate I am as a result of many of their readings and my world predictions, coming true… I have had an enormous overwhelming incoming volume of requests for many services... including the records. Already prior, I had many request to begin with. As a result of that, it was often hard to keep up with. It’s not easy doing thousands of past life readings for people. I am one person and sometimes I have had 10 or more people book the akasha at a time. Some individuals have more than dozens of past lives each and with 10 people at a time... it would take months and even up a year to complete everyone. With that...

I now have four people left that I am finishing up. If you booked one and didn’t get it yet, just know I’m working on it and you will get yours ASAP. However, from this point forward I am going to discontinue the akashic records readings entirely. They will no longer be available for anyone. The reason is, that even upon explaining how expensive these readings are, and knowing how many people come to me for services… Many people were impatient. I truly understand how frustrating it must be to wait around for something that you’ve invested into for your spiritual journey. But it is not easy to use my psychic ability beyond its capacity and still keep up with many other projects. Therefore I will not be overextending myself any longer. Past life reading’s will be done individually from this point forward. If you would like to purchase a few in small packages, you can buy two or three of them. But otherwise, I will not be doing any more than a 3 past life time limit. While the Akasha records readings still remain on the website, you can go ahead and purchase them as a one last time offer. However they will be removed permanently and no longer available in the future whatsoever, starting on May 1. I thought I would put this notification of just to give everyone a heads up. For those of you who waited patiently and still are, thank you very much as I truly appreciate the respect that you show me for my caliber of gift. I see all things and it’s a hard life to live.

Additionally, as everyone knows I also offer spiritual mentoring. I have a new rule going up in my terms and conditions in regards to spiritual mentoring procedures. If you enroll in life coaching/spiritual mentoring, and you have not submitted homework after the second week then you will be forfeit. I am not going to continue sending audios to people who are not complying or trying. A program and plan is personally designed for you at the time of enrollment, as well as quite a few channeling Sessions that I put into it with your spiritual guides... in order to design that unique program. If you don’t comply upon hearing this announcement, that is on you. I can no longer waste my time. I need to work with people who are truly serious about their growth. as everyone knows there is a no refund policy after 24 hours of purchase under my “terms and conditions“. if you choose not to work with your program, then that is your choice but I’m not going to continue coaching someone who is not working on the other end for them self.

(This is not toward any one single person) I also want to mention that if any negativity is projected toward me because of a persons own personal issues or unhappiness in life, I will no longer work with that individual. I am a very forgiving person and truly there will be no hard feelings but, I will not continue to endure any abuse from any person from this point forward. I truly love everyone and only have the best intentions and I cannot continue to put myself in situations where I am miss treated or putting hard work into something that another individual could care less about. I don’t intend to sound harsh here at all, but if you could see it from my side of things I am sure you will understand. I hope this will motivate others to try to be a little kinder to me when working with me. I have not had many problems but I have had a few individuals throughout the years who have not been so kind to me in the process of my being there for them I’m trying the hardest I can to totally emotionally, spiritually, and mentally invest myself and my skills into helping them.

On an end note, life coaching will also mail be limited to enrollments. I will only be taking two people at a time with audio is being sent every other week to give individuals time to actually work with the tools and get the homework submitted. If I decline working with you in life coaching, then that would be the reason. Life coaching always last for 4 to 12 weeks and so there will always be new openings available for people who truly want to be guided towards their higher self and enlightenment. Currently right now, I am finishing up the last group of life coaching clients that I have. That means that availability for a spot in life coaching will come about sometime next week the third week of April. If you’re interested please email us. If you do not reach me directly, my assistance will be more than happy to accommodate you with consultation but I will email you back myself so that I can get a deeper idea of what you were looking for. Thank you for understanding everybody. I am always humbled and honored that you place your trust in me, to be your spiritual guide as an angelic here on this earth during this time. Now more than ever before is the best time to get yourself into a good place. With everything that’s happening in the world, it’s definitely not a time to waste! Working on your spiritual journey with me can be entertaining, fun, and lightning as well as a lot of hard work and dedication. It truly provides companionship and healing throughout. And that would be in any number of services that I provide. I do highly recommend coaching though.

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