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News April 2019

Welcome to the news block here on the site’s blog. This is what’s happening this month, April of 2019.

YouTube has us censored still, unfortunately. Where we once had from over a thousand views up to tens or hundreds of views, now we stay below 1000. All except the RH Negative video posted last Summer. It seems we are allowed to be heard with only specific content and not with other content. So, we’ll continue to try but we will post copies here on this channel if success is not imminent. Several mini series are getting ready to launch on the "secret" channel here for members too! What kind? Well, no spoiler here. But, I can tell you that I am going to do a vlog "short" just venting about life spiritually in comparison to my views and teachings. Let's talk about life baby!

We are trying to make it happen! In the past, I have always said that I wanted to do all of this for free. Many have the support of their fans to keep themselves up and running based on donations and sponsorship. Its not easy keeping up with the blogs, hundreds of services, mail, teaching several courses, and spiritual mentoring. I work 24/7. I would love to keep doing this for the rest of my life, with helping others all over, for free without struggling to survive too. I want to be closer in location to my fans too. I also have hopes of traveling and feeding others while spreading the truths that I have overall and for each person individually as an oracle. Therefore, we have set up a donation button on the front page. One day we hope to bring everyone together and to touch many people's lives. We need help. God knows its true. So donations are being accepted and sponsorship is being searched for too, on a monthly basis. Once I reach the amount that I need for basics monthly, I can eliminate payment options from this site. I thank you in advance.

OOOOOOhhhhhh yes! The Absolution and Awareness courses are about to begin on April 15th 2019. Besides the Bible Course and Goddess workshop, these will be the last courses that I teach and I will spend my time expanding on the information from all of the courses as a whole, on a deeper level. IF you have not enrolled, contact us,

Don't miss out on our Summer discounts! We have many new readings on this site and are offering discounts throughout the Summer, for everyone to take advantage of. Check out the soul contract change,

New Spirit Choice reading! Let spirit choose the reading for you. They know what you need and it is fun. We are also offering a counter and each week a winner will win something from our site, as the 400 visitor to the website, each week. Wanna play Tarot Russian Roulette? Ask me about it!

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Ena Whiteraven
Ena Whiteraven
Apr 21, 2019

Yay! I like the sound of the tarot, too.


Apr 11, 2019

Wow lots going on!!!! All fun and inspiring too:) best of luck connecting with donations and sponsorships!!! I hope to help more in the future

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