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Mars and Pleiades Unite!


The new beginning... Astrological Note

When Mars enters Pleiades, those who have this particular soul type or even connections to it in their journey, start to feel like they can fight through any problems that come their way. They feel is though life is no longer an obstacle, and that they have the inner strength to defeat the obstructions that may come upon their path, as they work towards their most creative self. The seven sisters provide for us a sense of unity with others, feelings of motivation, inspirationelf belief, and great peaks in our thoughts for the imagination and creative process. Mars alone is a huge battle, but when it enters Pleiades it’s no match for the seven sisters. Together they embrace the ruler of Mars, and he adds their strength to their feminine energy. Even though it’s more feminine with just a slight entry of masculine, this beautiful combination will leave you feeling refreshed and like life provides a new beginning.

This week you’ll have tons of new inspiring ideas, to complete your pathway. He will be feeling invigorated, like you are back to your old self again, but I knew Self. If that makes any sense… This is a fantastic energy combination in the sky. Please share this post on social media to motivate others and hashtag #alurasays before it’s blocked lol! Try out your own astrological horoscope or report. You will find out a lot of the things in regards to your life and yourself.

.Thank you

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