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Now, you can purchase multiple services from our site with just a few clicks. In the past we had to offer that through an invoice, gained through emailing us separately. We also had to offer our discounts through our promotions, buy a separate invoice. Not anymore now you can receive your discount and apply coupons, right at check out. It is pretty awesome I think! Please do not add anything to your shopping cart that you may not really want to purchase though. It’s very difficult to remove it. You will also want to make a membership. This will store all of your information. You can even store your payment options for the next time, to make your check out here for your next experience, easier. We are truly excited about all of these wonderful to changes.


Our membership will include access to this blog. It will be full of new articles, news, and events that you will not want to miss. We will also offer access to webinars, and it will detail new services, as well as any promotions that are going on on our website at the time. It’s really awesome too, that we also have our own community here. The website as a member, will give you the option to participate in our online social community. And that’s just fantastic! I have grown tired of Facebook myself over time. There will also be a forum too! The site will offer mini workshop, new services, and new content. Look for our posts on social media. Our hashtags are #spiritualservices #aluras #spirituallyawkward and #alurasangels

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