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Illusionary Reality: Why we see the undesirable

Hi Alura, my question is:

“How do you take life so serious when you know it is just an illusion”?

Hello there. Well that is a huge factor because even another younger student of mine had said something to me about that once. He said: “Well  if you could manifest the things that you really want, then why doesn’t appear then? He said:  “what am I supposed to do just say hey I want this to happen and then it happens?”, and then he said “no that is not how it works it’s not science”.

For younger people it is kind of hard to explain. Is because many people who were in their youth full stages, 30 years old or younger they are still looking to find themselves in life. That means that there will be a lot of life experiences that they have to go through in order to do that. Many tests, and trials. In order to go through those tests and trials, there will be Temptations and influences. These are some of the living lessons that we learn from that I can often use in helping a person to learn spiritually, personally. makes it hard for them to understand that. Until they get there.

But what I would say, is that if somebody really wants something, then they will do it.. Point blank. There’s nothing else to it. When somebody really wants something... they go and then manifest it with the necessary elements and steps. And it’s the same thing with reality being an illusion as well.

“Why do we see what we don’t wish to we than? Events that are unpleasant, traumatic issues etc”?

Perhaps maybe the illusions that you are seeing are somebody else’s? Everything that people are going through, is a manifestation of their own. Whether it’s your choice, or through hopes, or even thoughts. And it’s true that some people do have hopes and thoughts of a negative vibration. For example: like drug addiction. Those people are very much invested into wanting to get high, they think about it all the time. So that is what they do. Obviously, they know everything that comes with that lifestyle, such as poverty, losing their family, and in drug addiction the people are very much invested into wanting to get high. They understand that there will be friends that died in that pathway, and even prison. So those people are making the conscious decision to enter that path. Even though their surface mind is telling them “it will not happen to them”  that none of that stuff will take place, but….their soul knows better.

The higher self knows almost all things of an earth vibration that have happened here as a result of having lived many lifetimes. We have also viewed other things that have happened on earth too. So if a person makes a choice like that, they are basically telling their higher self that they do not mind poverty, overdose, and potential death. Do you understand what I’m saying? So anything that you see, is a manifestation of somebody else. And you are just witnessing it, because that information is going into your higher self to store in it’s library to learn from. It’s like watching a movie in real time. It’s very complicated.

But I know that younger people struggle. They want to be young and go out and have fun and do different things. And then in the back of their mind when they have learned with me, just drives him crazy because they’re thinking why am I doing any of this anyway? Because the truth is that it’s all just a product of the system why do I continue to want to be a part of that system?

So the people that struggle that way, They have to realize that if they keep feeling compelled to head into the system so to speak, that it is more than likely because there is still some life experience left to be had there. They cannot beat them self up over it, they just have to exercise awareness. Even through suffering. They cannot let the suffering overcome them, and just simply recognize that whatever is happening is meant to happen as a conscious choice for the souls evolutionary process.

However I always say, why do people have to learn the hard way you know? if I can give them all the answers of what to do and what not to do and they can still advance extremely, then why don’t they just do that? That is why the Bible says that it is all Folly or a.k.a. foolishness.

Ecclesiastes 2:12: The fate of the fool will overtake me also. What then do I gain by being wise? I said to myself,    “This too is meaningless.” 16 For the wise, like the fool, will not be long remembered; the days have already come when both have been forgotten.

Yes and so it is! But it’s through the after thoughts of folly that the naive start to learn wisdom. Those who seek it anyhow. There are some who never do.

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Unknown member
Mar 19, 2019

Thank you very much for this wisdom. Very well explained and very interesting.


Mar 18, 2019

I'm taking this as the reminder I needed today! Me considering my own folly lol. Thanks for sharing, found inspiration in your writing and always love when you quote Ecclesiastes. So fitting!!


Ena Whiteraven
Ena Whiteraven
Mar 18, 2019

This was exactly what I needed today. Thank you! Sharing.

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