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Event- Group Prayer

Greetings beloved people,

Thanks for the time that you are taking to read this. I appreciate it with my whole heart. A notice will be put up on Facebook too. As you all know, my predictions from years ago and recently for this time now, are coming true. So quickly after I make them too. That was the reason for the Angelic Herald at

Heaven wanted the visions and conversations to be put out there as soon as possible to prove that we’re real, and the times we are living in... are real. However, those predictions are predicting disasters and more, that claim lives. I love everyone and the planet, and if you’re here reading this then I know that you do too. Even if from a different belief, Awakening brings us all together to see the truths and led you here because you see that I am true too. So, in light of recent events and more to come, please join me for LIVE prayer on my Facebook business page and again on YouTube. Let’s pray for help for those affected by the tribulations and that heaven protect everyone out of their love.

Facebook prayer will be held this upcoming Sunday at 5:00pm. Youtube’s will be on Tuesday at the same time. Eastern USA time. I hope to see your “amen” in my live feed.

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