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Current Updates Spring 2020

The client portal

Please be advised that the client portal is not sending email notices once your service or confirmation has been uploaded, temporarily. The issue is being resolved slowly. Until then, if you ordered through the website, there should be another notification system once the order is fulfilled but you do need a membership which is totally free. Please make sure that you sign up for a free login.

Blog & Vlog Changes

Just a reminder, The Church of I.M at and my YouTube at

will be changing. What kind of changes? Well, you will notice articles and videos will be deleted and others will be archived. The site will be made over while my channel will be more active in uploads. I’ve been inconsistent in video uploads due to shadow banning issues. It’s frustrating but not enough to stop me. I do this for the people that my message is meant to be heard by, not for fame. The changes will start occurring this week into next week. The Angel website at will remain the same. However, we are pondering over whether to get rid of The World of Soul Types and Starseed Children blogs at or since it seems that much of the info was transferred on over to the Angels blog anyhow. So far, I kept them up for the dates so that many in the spiritual communities can see the authenticity and that the starseed info that you learned, you learned it first...with me. It’s not out of wanting to be a know-it-all that I say that. It’s just that my gift is sacred to me as is the wisdom delivered to me through it. Therefore, if others are going to teach it they should respect the original author. I never seem to get that courtesy. I’ll let everyone know what I’ve decided. For now, expect to start seeing material disappearing from the other social media platforms.

New material will be added weekly or bi-weekly. Services and Days Off

We are also going to stop sending confirmations for Healings, Grids, and Spells. There’s no use taking up the storage to send pre-made confirmation. The formats, intros are all pre-made. After the service is conducted, custom info is added to to walk the person through what has been done. But if a client has had similar services in the past, there’s no to keep uploading the same general receipt right? Right. I could also administer things faster without it. So with that, I will be administering the confirmation of your service through an email or messenger for clients who have been with us for awhile. Newer clients will receive a confirmation for their energy work the first time that they have purchased a service such as that with us. At the bottom, it will explain about the process for later energy services. We thank you for your cooperation. We would just like to cut down on the repetitiveness and get things moving quickly for each and every person.

I also have new days and hours of operation. As you may have already seen in an earlier post, I am off three days of the week to recuperate my energy. Please read the blog that was supposed to just previously before this one for more details. I usually administer readings and other services during the night time Bring days that I am working which are Monday through Wednesday, and Saturdays & Sundays. I am closed for email, messages, sessions etc on Thursdays and Fridays.

services that are rendered by types reading are issued faster. Be sure to let me know if a text format is okay with you. I am also asking that everyone order through the website for now on. It gets quite confusing having two different lists of work I having to send out separate invoices and then having a long list of clientele waiting on the booking on the website in addition. If you were promised a special discount, just let me know and I will give you the code. But it is preferred that all orders go through the website here on out.

Courses, Coaching and Specialty Services

Indignation has started with two lesson uploads. One will go up weekly. Awareness uploads will be fully complete and available by April. The Bible course is to begin soon.

Life coaching is conducted on Monday with uploads on Monday or Tuesday evenings. you are in rolled in a weekly reading service, those readings are usually sent out at the beginning of the week, on Monday or Tuesday morning.

As a member, you should be able to download the app that goes along with my website. It is through Wix. On it, you will see “booking“ and in there are some pretty cool services. Check them out sometime. I recommend Tea Time with Alura or the Quick Chat.

Don‘f forget about the Beauty Challenge contest! Check my instagram for details at @alura_cein

Thanks everyone!

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Ena Whiteraven
Ena Whiteraven
Mar 03, 2020

Thank you, Alura! Will-do. I'm so glad things are getting more organized for you.


Bella Abel
Bella Abel
Mar 03, 2020

Wow Alariel you are brilliant and I love how you managed everything so cohesively! Everything will be back in order and work in a better flow for you. I hope others will still be mindful that you are just one person working on all the services and they will exercise their patience as they always did , while they wait for their orders 😇🕊

I’m so so proud of you !!

And thank you for everything you do ❤️

You are AMAZING!!

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