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Another imposter- Please an eye out

Greetings everyone, I am advised to write this blog and then to send it to all of the contacts here within my main website. The reason is because over the last couple of months there has been an individual who has gone about impersonating me on social media. There were a few accounts in fact, that were discovered. I am so very grateful to the individual who found the first few. I give a shout out to Isabelle who had my back in that matter.

Yet, it was just yesterday that an acquaintance of mine contacted me to inform me of yet another imposter profile. It was astonishing to see the cunning and deceptive way that they tried to get people to believe that it was me. The user name was almost identical to the one that I was using on Instagram except, it had some marking at the end of it. In this case, they added underscores. Who knows what they’ll try to do next?

Still, not many people would have caught that. While looking at the user name and how it was so much alike to the one that I’m using, and then looking at the profile picture and the page’s content, anybody would have easily thought it was me. This individual went through the trouble of downloading all of my photos from my Instagram page, and then uploading them in the exact order that I had them on mine. All within a few hours! They took from very personal pictures that I had, even of my children. It’s terrifying indeed. What’s even more terrifying, is the idea of how many people could have been hurt by this person.

I understand that their intention is to bring harm to me. But, many people could have been hurt by them, through having been scammed out of their money. The person behind the profile then went to another level, in contacting people from my following. They were soliciting readings for a hefty price, offering video or etc. I thought it was strange that they could offer a video, because if they’re impersonating me, how would they get away with it, if it’s not me in the video? It was perplexing to ponder. Perhaps maybe they would film just an angle of the Tarot cards on the table? But any other reading, they would have to have my face in? I wondered if someone were selling previous readings that I had done by video for other clients? If so, how would they had gotten access to them? Then it dawned on me. They’re not really trying to conduct any reading. What they’re trying to do is take peoples money in my name, skip out, and make it look as if I’m not issuing the service at all, which makes me look as if I am deceptive.

What a terrible thing, to use innocent people in one person’s plot to cause me problems! With that, even though I want it to be thoroughly understood now, that I have nothing utterly to do with any of those other profiles, I still apologize from the bottom of my heart to anyone that may have been duped by the individual.

Knowing me, you should all know that I would feel awful knowing that anyone got hurt by somebody else. I’m sorry for any inconvenience that this individual may have caused anyone in their attempts to target me. None of you deserve it, and I hope that you can accept my apology, that you got caught in the crossfire somehow. Heaven sees all things and I know that they have my back big time.

Still continuing on with this subject, I did contact an investigator who yesterday took on the case. I already know with my psychic vision who is behind it, but I want proof so that I can proceed with legal action. If the person wants to come forward and admit what they did wrong to me, with a promise to stop, then I would be willing to drop legal course, and forgive. Everyone knows me, and I am good to my word and so “whomever” this is, even in your hatred for me, you don’t have to be afraid to come forward in order to get yourself out of trouble. Even though you hate me, I don’t hate you.

For everyone else reading this, I want to make it very clear that I do not conduct business by soliciting my services through any type of messaging on social media. I don’t contact people to provoke interest in my services either. I’ve always just ran ads, or posted on my social media platforms, that’s it. If you see anything of the sort anywhere else, you can probably be sure it’s not me. I only conduct business through my main website and my main email in which most people are already in knowledge of. All of my readings that I issued to people are uploaded in the portal. If anyone tries to sell you a reading and it’s not in the portal, then you should probably double check to make sure that you got a reading from me myself then.

It is a rule that all clients have to have their readings uploaded into the portal for this reason. I also use the portal as a way to keep records of all of the services that I render to people throughout time. I never issue readings any other way. If you get approached by anyone offering any outside of my methods, then you’ll know it’s not me, and it should be reported to me and my team right away! When you inform me, I can let you know if it’s me that you’re talking to over there on the other end or not, and then we can proceed with reporting the profile. However though, without taking the initiative to report those profiles, it could be possible that other people become victims of fraud. I do want to take all of the people that reported this last profile on my behalf. I know that there are some that might think it’s not too much of a big deal, but it truly is. Things like this can hurt other people if they end up paying money for a reading that they never receive or have been tricked through. Imagine if you spent anywhere from $50-$100 on a reading thinking that it was a beloved spiritual teacher that you admired, doing the reading? And then come to find out that it wasn’t them at all? Or that you paid for the reading thinking it was them, but never got it… You would think that you had been deceived by them? I would hate for anybody to ever have that happen to them and so I am making this a big deal and taking action.

In conclusion, I would just like to say that there are so many other psychics, and celebrities out there that a person could choose to impersonate if it were about making money off of people. But it’s obvious that even though I’ve reached people worldwide, no class a celebrity here. For anybody to intend on impersonating someone like me, they’re not gonna get much from doing so except to try to defile my name in my reputation and how I conduct my services fairly and honestly with other people. I’m really ashamed by this person and I would really like it if they would come forward so that all can be forgiven and we can all move on. It would bring me reassurance to see remorse as well as know that the person could promise me that they wouldn’t do stuff like this anymore. It hurts me to think about other people and how they’re affected by things like this. Just the way my students and followers defend me, I will also always loyalty defend them to the end. But the main message here is, please be aware of these types of profiles online. The cyber world is so full of deception these days that it’s hard to really know who you’re talking to in any circumstance. There are many profiles out there that contact my website for readings, that aren’t honest and presenting me with a real name or a picture. There are some that I’ve worked with in fact that I have been going by an alias almost the entire time that they’ve known me. I’ve never said anything because I try to respect that maybe they’re trying to maintain their privacy. there are some though, that come just to play games and I am here to do serious work that leads toward really helping people. I don’t need all of this extra drama coming in from the sides. I don’t think that I’ve ever done anything to intentionally offend anybody. If there are people out there that dislike me because of what a teacher what I promote, then I am sorry if I offend them in anyway, but just as they have their rights to their own beliefs and opinions, I have mine. I don’t walk around hating on other people just because what they think or feel is different. I’ve said it multiple times and I’ll say it again, that this world is full of so much hatred and prejudiced that it needs to end. be careful out there friends and thank you!

if you receive a copy of this blog and a newsletter through your email and have already read it, please feel free to discard it. I was advised by my legal team and the investigator on this case, that I should send it to all contacts here on my website. This includes the 577 members who have signed up as well as everyone who has left their email address through our time in coming by the website. That’s over 100,000 people. I’m not trying to burden anyone with repeating myself in sending this notice while having it already up on this blog and on my social media sites, but I have to ensure that everybody sees it because I don’t want anyone falling victim to this scam artist. I really hope that they can find it in their heart to turn a new leaf and leave me alone I have nothing against them and I just hope that they can go on their way in separate directions from me, without malice or harmful intention anymore. I think you reader for a reading this weather by the blog or the newsletter. If you see anything suspicious on the Internet in regards to me, I ask that you kindly email me at my legitimate email.

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Ena Whiteraven
Ena Whiteraven
27 janv. 2022

Oh, no! I'm so sorry, Alura, and to anyone who was hurt by this. I hope the person does the right thing and all goes well.

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