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Spiritual Courses

Courses for awakening, and Spiritual Development. There is alot of wonderful education provided here. If for any chance you can not enroll in one, please stop by Alura's sites, to learn generally, for free! Be sure to subscribe to them to show support. Thank you!

Think about it.

Many souls have been reincarnating for a very long time here on Earth. They have come across many forms of knowledge in the different lives that they have lived. They have witnessed and experienced many things. So, why isn't the cultivation seen in who they are now today? For example, why is it that a person who has learned mathematics many times in previous lives, has trouble with math in this present life? If someone was a skilled pianist in their last life, how come they can't play so majestically again in this one? They should be able to right? That's right. But alas, no one remembers the talents of their previous lifetimes. They have to re-learn it. Again, and again. Don't you want to know why? Wouldn't you like to be able to recall your mastered talents and knowledge?

What if I told you that I have the answers? Many claim to have the answers out there but real Illumination means that you have total visibility into all things in life and spirit. Students who have had readings, been in the courses or know personally can all tell you that I am the real thing. That means that I have real answers.

My courses and soul development program is designed to take a person into the ascension and awakening process step by step, level by level so that later on, they will be able to tap into their own talents, wisdom, and characteristics that can help them to manifest their dreams. For many, my program has truly helped them to understand their lives, and life in general on a deeper level. Many are really "waking up" and seeing the truth around them and within themselves. Many have been reincarnating for so long and have yet to reach the final spiritual evolutionary stage. As a result, my courses are here to help them to do just that. 

Students who are truly serious about reaching their highest level of the spiritual evolutionary process should:

1. Take each course- Each course is designed to introduce information at the appropriate level of their process and lead them into the next. The courses have multiple levels of information in them, some of it hidden, and some on the surface. The more awakened you become, the more you can find in the courses. A course bundle is available.

2. Enroll in the Tree of Life mentoring programs to assist with using the wisdom in everyday life.

Following the Soul Development program is highly recommended since it suggests other tools that can help assist the person in their growth spiritually. 

Awakening is not for everybody. Not everyone will be able to understand the deeper wisdom or handle it emotionally. I do ask that the person do an intake consultation with me prior to beginning.


You can reach me by email at:

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